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“Dear Dr. Dixie – I’m not even sure where to start thanking you – but I guess a good place would be, ‘thank you for saving my life.’


I remember so well the day I called you, so depressed I didn’t care whether I lived or died. In fact, I had already decided I was going to make sure I didn’t have to struggle through another month. I had a plan for how to end it all. And then you talked to me.

I am still amazed at how different life looks through the ‘eyes’ of God’s love, compared to the view I had through the lies I had learned to believe about God and about myself.

I absolutely know that my two kids would not have a mom on earth if not for Infinite Grace Ministries.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have truly made an eternal difference.”


“When I first met Dr. Dixie, I came in feeling so hopeless. I had a broken marriage, no job and just moved here with my daughter six months before. I felt so alone. But praise God for putting the right people in our lives at just the right time! He will never let us down.


Through the work of the Holy Spirit in Dixie, she was able to know exactly what God wanted me to hear—which is simply the truth that God has declared about me. She taught me how much Jesus loves me and when I choose to believe His truth, He renews my mind. She let me know that she has struggled hard and look at her now! She is one of God’s miracles. She inspired in me a new hope that with God all things are possible if I just believe Him.


The devil had a hold on me, plunging me down into darkness, but I cried out to my Lord and He stepped in and turned what the devil meant for bad, and is using it for His glory. He brought eternal sunshine into my soul!”


“Getting my eyes off myself made all the difference in the world. I had convinced myself that no one has ever had a life as difficult as mine, and it caused me to be defensive and complaining. No wonder no one wanted to talk to me!

Dr. Dixie was sympathetic, but she didn’t let me continue to wallow in self-pity. Life is still hard, and I still get frustrated with the “daily-ness” of what I have to do, but now I know that God is at work, and He loves me more than I can even think or imagine.

I am so grateful that Infinite Grace is available to people like me. I couldn’t pay anything while I was seeing Dr. Dixie, but it didn’t change how she treated me at all. Now my job has changed, and I can give regularly—it isn’t much, and will never really repay what I received, but I’m grateful for how the Lord has blessed me.

Thank you to those of you who give so that she could spend time with me. My daughter has an entirely different future ahead of her now—not because SHE has changed, but because I have!”

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