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About the IGM Team

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In 1993, Dr. Dixie offered Personal Guidance ministry at the North American Conference for Evangelists and Pastors in Louisville, KY, a conference organized by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.

Twin Towers on Fire - 9/11 Ministry Work



In October of 2001, Dr. Dixie and Infinite Grace Ministries worked with Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association in their New York City Crisis Phone Center following the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. In partnership with the Salvation Army, Dr. Dixie spent significant time at Ground Zero, ministering to rescue workers and their families.

Franklin Graham speakin at Amsterdam 2000



In July 2000, Infinite Grace Ministries worked with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association in Amsterdam, Holland. Dr. Dixie traveled with a group of 50 men and women to offer Personal Guidance ministry to many of the 10,000 pastors and evangelists who came from all over the world.

Press Conference with Franklin Graham during Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts



In 2005, Infinite Grace Ministries partnered with Billy Graham Evangelic Association in New Orleans. Dr. Dixie served as a Police Chaplain, ministering hope to the rescue workers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Dixie Yoder, D. Min.

Dr. Dixie Yoder grew up in western Oklahoma. She is the founder and Executive Director of Infinite Grace Ministries, an inter-denominational Biblical Guidance and teaching ministry located in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Dr. Dixie has many years of experience in Biblical Personal Guidance ministry. She is an ordained minister and a Bible scholar who loves the Word of God and its application to everyday life. Her teaching emphasizes how receiving salvation through Jesus Christ and knowing God the Father intimately makes it possible to enjoy a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Dr. Dixie and her husband, Galen, have been married for forty-three years and enjoy time with two adult sons, their daughters-in-law and four grandchildren. Along with the knowledge she has gained during years of study, Dr. Dixie’s years of nurturing family relationships has contributed considerable practical wisdom into the ministry she offers to individuals, couples and and parents.

An experienced teacher and public speaker, Dr. Dixie has offered ministry in Western Oklahoma since 1991, including seminars for men and women. Through years of systematic Bible study, Dr. Dixie has gained a deep working knowledge of the principles contained in the Word of God and how they apply to practical every day living.

Dr. Dixie is a familiar voice on local radio stations through her daily devotional and live interviews. Her weekly newspaper columns offer practical wisdom to newspaper readers throughout Oklahoma.

Education, Credentials and Experience

  • Certification in Biblical/Pastoral Personal Guidance (1992)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (1999)

  • Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (2001)

  • Doctor of Ministry (2003)

  • Over thirty years of Ministry Experience

  • Personal Guidance Ministry since 1996


Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Program

Dr. Dixie has been actively involved in the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative program since 2002. OMI’s mission is to reduce the divorce rate in Oklahoma, and its strategies have attracted national political and media attention.


About Ellen Vanderveer


Ellen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Agency Counseling. For the past three years, she has learned under Dr. Dixie as part of the Counselor Training Program and began seeing clients in the Spring of 2021.

Her time with Infinite Grace dates back over two decades, when she was a new mom struggling with many personal, relational, and spiritual issues. Through her time with Dr. Dixie Yoder and Rev. Robert Huckleberry, Ellen has experienced first-hand the importance of unlearning wrong belief systems, putting new ones in place, and the transformative power of renewing your mind. As she navigated a season of grief and loss, Infinite Grace provided Ellen with invaluable resources. It is her joy, privilege, and honor to walk with her clients to a life of freedom, fullness, and abundant grace, offered through the loving kindness of Jesus Christ.

Ellen is a single mom to her two amazing daughters, both of whom are in their twenties, and she resides in Oklahoma City with her animal crew of one dog and four cats. She sees clients in Weatherford, OK.



To schedule a meeting with Ellen, call: 580-774-2884

About Reverend Robert Huckleberry

Robert is an ordained minister with full-time ministry experience since 1979. He has been active in Biblical Guidance counseling ministry since 1989. Robert and his wife Angie have two adult children and three grandchildren. He loves the Lord, and spends significant time reading, studying and growing in his understanding of God’s nature and His Word. He brings that understanding of God’s Word into his work with couples and individuals; teaching them how understanding the love of God on a deeper level brings healing into relationships.

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