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Ask Dr. Dixie

  • Life is full of difficult and unanswered questions. But how many times have you heard that these questions remain a mystery “for a reason”, and you will understand “someday, by-and-by; in the sky, when you die”?

    There is a light at the end of this elusive tunnel: God has the answer to these questions, and He wants you to know them! In these excerpts from the popular “Ask Dr. Dixie” newspaper column, Dr. Dixie Yoder addresses the numerous concerns of her avid readers with direct answers from the Bible, coupled with her heartening insight and personal anecdotes. Within the pages of this book, you will find answers to the questions you’ve had your whole life—the ones that until now have been answered only with ambiguity.

    You can know God’s answers that provide enlightenment and restore joy. You needn’t look further than God’s personal Word, His love, and His amazing infinite grace.

  • Product will arrive 7-10 days after placing order.

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