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Bunlar da nereden bulacam diye dnmeyin, snav kadnda veriliyor. Body Paragraflar ki veya alt balktan her biri bir physique paragrafnda anlatlr. Yaplar yledir: Paragrafta neyden bahsedeceinizi yazdnz giri cmlesi. Sonra bir destekleyici deborahnce (Encouraging Notion 1), bu nnceye uygun bir rnek veya detay (Supporting Depth). Baka bir destekleyici nnce (Encouraging Idea 2) ve bu nnceye uygun bir rnek veya detay. En sonda da istee bal olarak balayc bir cmle (Concluding Sentence). Conclusion Intro blmnde yazlan dissertation statement’n yaps deitirilerek tekrar yazlr (Concluding Sentence).Daha sonra bir kiisel gr veya genel bir yorum yazlarak article bitirilir (Final Opinion)di rneimize bir bakalm. Snavda dimension aadaki gibi bir konu ve alt balklar verilecek: -exactly what does overpopulation in Istanbul cause? Traffic jams A lot of noise Environmental pollution Hitches in services Dissertation rnei de yle yazlabilir; The Poor Sides of Istanbul Standard Phrases: Istanbul will be the most significant area in Chicken due to not merely its geographic location and its own attractiveness but also the work options it offers.

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Because of these elements, millions of people happen to be migrating to Istanbul. The population of Istanbul has recently realized 15 million today. Thesis statement: Such crowds naturally result in troubles like traffic jams and environmental pollution. Subject Sentence: One adverse aftereffect of overcrowding is severe traffic jams in Istanbul, which makes it quite difficult to live within this downtown city. Encouraging Strategy 1: Firstly, folks commit quite a long time on the road. Encouraging Depth: For example, everyone who lives in Maltepe and works in Levent must set-off at six o’clock each day to go to work. Encouraging Strategy 2: Secondly, people might be extreme in traffic jams. Supporting Depth: For instance, taxi owners suffer with psychological hardship because they are often caught in traffic, producing them behave aggressively.

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Some drivers may yell and even begin fights. Concluding Word: In short, living in Istanbul is quite difficult because folks become agressive and violent as a result of losing a lot of period in traffic. Subject Sentence: Another effect of overpopulation in Istanbul is ecological pollution. Encouraging Thought 1: airpollution comes first on the list of kinds of pollution in Istanbul. Supporting Detail: exactly why airpollution reaches unsafe ranges is that there tens of thousands of producers and millions of cars without exhaust filters. Producers emit a top amount of CO2 and also other hazardous toxins, which contaminate best admission essay writing service the atmosphere of Istanbul. Assisting Thought 2: Furthermore, chemical wastes from chemical flowers and sectors trigger water pollution. Consequently, it’s difficult to have uncontaminated water in homes. Supporting Strategy 3: Finally, another ecological issue in Istanbul is noise pollution.

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Supporting Aspect: According to statics, exceptionally high frequency sounds, that might cause hearing damage over time, were scored in certain occupied avenues of Istanbul. Concluding Sentence: overall, overpopulation in Istanbul results in inevitable traffic jams and ecological contamination at threatening levels. Final Opinion: If we CAn’t take measures contrary to the rapid rise of Istanbulis citizenry, Istanbul will ultimately develop into a location difficult to live in. Kendi essaylerimi bulamadmichael iin metni writing kitabndan aldm umarm telif hakk problemi yaamam.