Infinite Grace Ministries’ Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of Infinite Grace Ministries is to teach individuals how the presence and power of God makes a practical difference in every area of their lives, including worship, building and maintaining relationships, and in work and leisure time.

Infinite Grace is an organization that functions to bring about positive change in the realm of the spiritual, emotional and relational needs of people. These objectives will be accomplished by:

  • Ministering effectively to the spiritual, emotional and relational needs of individuals.
  • Ministering to people in such a way that they are able to reach out to others and share the knowledge they have received.
  • Encouraging those who have received ministry to share with others the new life view they have attained through the ministry of Infinite Grace.
  • Teaching classes in local churches and organizations.
  • Offering personal Biblical guidance in small groups.
  • One-on-one personal Biblical guidance for specific issues.
  • Week-end seminars and marriage retreats.
  • Workbook publications for ‘at home’ study.

Statistics show that each person who receives ministry significantly touches the lives of at least seven other people, which extends this ministry far beyond our office walls.

Troubling Statistics On Families In Oklahoma

Throughout the state of Oklahoma, including rural areas, marriages, families and children are in trouble. The Oklahoma State Department of Health reports the following:

  • The number of divorces and the number of marriages in Oklahoma are nearly equal.
  • Oklahoma County ranks second in the nation in number of divorces granted.
  • in large part because of the added financial burden of maintaining two households after a divorce, and because child support payments may not be made consistently, 24.6% of the children in Oklahoma live below poverty level.
  • in large measure due to the negative influence of troubled homes, 26,000 juveniles are taken into custody in Oklahoma each year.
  • 23,000 reports of suspected child abuse or neglect are made in Oklahoma each year.
  • A felonious assault, often domestic violence, occurs every 38 minutes in Oklahoma.
  • The individuals, families and children represented in these statistics are in crisis and need help. They need someone to come alongside of them and give them the necessary tools to manage life. Infinite Grace Ministries has the proven capability to provide these tools.

In order to reach large numbers of people through this very effective ministry, Dixie Yoder and the Board of Directors of Infinite Grace Ministries are continually seeking new avenues of ministry that will touch more lives in the same amount of time. The cost of the guidance ministry offered through Infinite Grace is underwritten by donations from churches, businesses and individuals who recognize the tremendous value of this ministry in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

The impact on our communities cannot be accurately measured by statistics; however, the statistics page does give a glimpse into the ministry activity that is made possible by the faithful financial and prayerful support of churches, businesses and individuals.