How Infinite Grace Ministries is Funded

Infinite Grace Ministries is a people-centered organization that is funded through the faithful, regular contributions of individuals, churches and businesses. This method of underwriting the cost of one-on-one ministry enables many to receive Personal Guidance Ministry who could not otherwise afford the help and encouragement they need.

In a culture that demands premium prices for emotional care, Infinite Grace Ministries is unique. We do not bill for ministry received. However, each person who participates in ministry is encouraged to contribute according to their financial ability; the suggested amount is $65.00 per session. This amount is well under the average in Oklahoma of $120.00 to $150.00 per session.

The length or quality of ministry received at Infinite Grace is not in any way affected by whether or not financial compensation is made. However, offering ministry at the level of excellence that we insist upon does not come without cost. Researching, preparing and publishing new materials used in ministry are ongoing expenses, as well as the cost of seminars, workshops and conferences that are an essential part of continuing staff education.

The tax deductible contributions of those who see the need and value of the ministry offered through Infinite Grace Ministries are essential to the continuation of this extremely effective service. Regular contributions not designated for a specific project help fund administrative costs and office expenses incurred in the normal maintenance of an office.

Infinite Grace is governed by a Board of Directors. This Board ensures quality of service and accountability in the handling of finances.

If you would like to contribute to the important work of Infinite Grace Ministries, you can call or write, or go to our donation page.